How to Roast a Red Pepper in an Air Fryer

Red Peppers Roasted in an Air Fryer
Roast Red Peppers for 22 minutes at 400 degrees in your Air Fryer

One of the first things I wanted to do with my new air fryer was roast red peppers. Come winter time, going out to the grill to roast a red pepper isn’t super appealing. So typically, I would roast a red pepper carefully over a gas burner

So I was super excited to find out that the air fryer can roast a red pepper as good as a grill and it’s much easier.

Red Peppers in an air fryer before roasting

The first thing to do after washing the peppers is to give them a spritz with some non-stick cooking spray.

I like to do this over the sink so that I don’t get super slippery cooking spray all over areas that don’t need to be super slippery.

Then put them in the fryer basket and cook for 22 minutes at 400 degrees.

Check on them 2 or 3 times and give them a turn so that they cook evenly.

I’ll let them rest for another 10 minutes or so and cool off. Then you can carefully take them to the sink and remove the skins under cold running water.

CAUTION! When you first poke a hole in a roasted red pepper, searing hot steam will escape.

Take off the top stem, remove the seeds and ribs from the inside and squeeze them dry. They’re pretty slippery, so be careful not to drop them in the sink.

That’s it! Roasting red peppers in the air fryer will probably still be my go-to even after outdoor grilling season returns because of the simplicity. The only thing it’s missing is a smokey, woody flavor.


  1. this sounds great! just got an airfryer, so this sounds like a fun way to experiment with it.

    • Tony Bailey

      Fun! You’re going to love your air fryer. I’m really surprised how much I’m enjoying mine. Let me know if you come up with a fun recipe for yours!

  2. Annemarie

    Help I took the seeds out before air frying them can I still do it ?

    • So you already cut the peppers open, removed the top and deseeded? You can definitely still roast them, less time will be needed. Flip half way and they’ll char nicely. What you’ll miss though is the steaming process from the internal moisture that softens and cooks the inside. Final result will be negligible if mixed into a larger recipe.

  3. cristina kavanagh

    I’m going to try roasting the peppers today.

  4. Use paper towels to remove the skins. Doing it under running water washes tons of flavor down the drain.

    • Tony Bailey

      Great suggestion! I’m going to give this a try next time and update as appropriate. Thanks for sharing the tip.

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