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Roasted Broccoli & Bacon Salad

There’s a magic that happens when vegetables are roasted.  There’s a double magic when bacon is mixed in.  Add a little garlic to the roasted broccoli mix and you have low-carb side dish that’s one of our favorites all year round. Since having to make a big cutback in high […]

Mixed Greens, Jicama and Avocado Salad with CIlantro Lime Dressing

So it just keeps getting crazier.  On top of moving into a new place, and starting a new job, our daughter was born on Sunday night. I’m taking a little time off and have this absurd idea that I’ll be able to get to the backlog of posts I have […]

Cilantro Lime Salad Dressing

When the seasons change to warmer weather, it’s also a great time to switch out to bright, seasonal salad dressings.  Less balsamic and red wine vinegar, more lemon and lime juice.  The same goes for fresh herbs.  Which makes this great, simple dressing something you’ll be pouring all week There’s […]

Red Cabbage & Carrot Salad with Yogurt Dressing

How often do you find yourself with a head of red cabbage where you’ve only used a portion of it?  A good sized head of cabbage yields a lot of shredded goodness.  Whether you have one from your CSA, or picked one up just to use a small amount for […]

Beet Salad with Barley, Arugula and Parmesan

Beet Salad with Barley, Arugula and Parmesan

Just about everyone I’ve ever talked to about beets will 1) proclaim they’ve never liked them and then 2) effuse about how that all changed once they had roasted beets.  Helping spread the word are the many restaurants that all tend to have some variation on a roasted beet salad […]

Green Bean and Mozzarella Salad

Sometimes a salad isn’t always a salad.  To the British, salad means anything with mayo stirred in.  To many Americans, salad means using iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese and ranch dressing.  Here we’re not too far off.  Instead of lettuce, we’ll use steamed green beans.  Rather than cheddar cheese, we’ll use […]

Wheatberry and Almond Salad

Wheatberries (or wheat berries) are a nutritional powerhouse because of their balance of protein, fiber and carbohydrates.  They also have a great chewy texture, a mild nuttiness and can take on flavors of their surroundings really well.  The gotcha to all of this is that they will take more time to […]