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Corn and Yellow Squash Fritters

Corn and Yellow Squash Fritters

As a general rule, anything is better when frittered.  And way back, there used to be a Southern restaurant in Chicago that had these amazing deep fried corn fritters.  While I’ve never been able to find anything as close to their recipe, I think these are still pretty delicious Yellow […]

Simple Way for Kids to Love Vegetables

We have a Sunday tradition called “Kitchens” where we take turns picking from a list of kid-friendly dinner options.  Each of these options is basically a lot of individual ingredients so that each family member can customize their own dinner – whether it’s a pizza, stir fry or a burger […]

Beef Kofta Kebabs with Garlic-Tahini Sauce

If there’s a red meat equivalent to the ubiquitous chicken shwarma at a Mediterranean restaurant, it has to be the caseless sausage known as Beef Kofta Kebabs.  I’ve tried many variations and herbs and spices before landing on one that tastes great and isn’t too complicated to make. I’ve had […]

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwiches

There are a couple of classic sandwiches that have universal appeal and are easy to make: grilled cheese, peanut butter & jelly and of course, chicken salad.  What I was looking for was a chicken salad sandwich that wasn’t overly mayo’d and had some bold flavor as well….something beyond an […]

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

As side dishes go, Quinoa is the gift that keeps on giving.  Here I give it a little Mediterranean flair with leftover pine nuts and olives. This dish follows the basic side dish formula of:  Starchy Base + Something Crunchy + Something Herby + Something Acidic + A Little Bit of Oil. Though […]

Quinoa Quiche with Spinach and Cheddar

Quinoa Crust Quiche with Spinach and Cheddar

Quiche always sounds like a great idea.  Until I think about the pie crust that it’s usually made with.  I don’t think they’re the trans fat magnets they used to be, but they aren’t going to win any Healthy Eating awards.  Did you know that quinoa makes an excellent quiche […]

How to Make Whole Wheat Tortilla Pizzas

Before two kids were in the house, there was a lot more time to plan out and prepare a weeknight dinner.  So finding ways to cook something everyone likes (e.g. pizza), that’s healthy and kid friendly….and can be ready in under 30 minutes is a never-ending quest. Oh, one more […]