100 Cloves of Garlic Spread

100 Cloves of Garlic makes a great spread for bread

Everyone’s heard of 40 cloves of garlic chicken and thought “wow, that’s a lot of garlic!”  What if you took 100 cloves of garlic and made it into a buttery spread?  Read on and find out how easy it is to make. Mission: Find Recipes That Use a Lot of Garlic […]

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5 Different Ways to Cook Quinoa

For the last couple of years, Quinoa was the standout kitchen grain.  Now overexposed by the food magazine and foodblog world, it’s been displaced by trendier grains like Freekeh, Amaranth and Farro.  So if you still have pounds of quinoa in your pantry, here’s a roundup of a couple my […]


Ham and Asparagus Soup

Ham and Asparagus Soup

You might be wondering, ham and asparagus together?  In a soup?  If you’ve ever made grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, then this will make sense.  I wasn’t sure at first either, but it’s a delicious soup   It’s also a nice sturdy, creamy soup.  But rather than loading it up […]

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Apple Butter with Ginger

Apple Butter with Fresh Ginger

Apple Butter was always a real treat growing up.  What I never realized is just how easy it is to make at home.  And ironically, there isn’t any butter involved in the preparation. While thumbing through a popular cooking magazine, I noticed an advertisement for Vitamix blenders that included a […]