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Pressure Cooker Bone-In Ham

Pressure Cooked Bone-In Ham with Maple-Honey Glaze

If you’ve ever bought a refrigerated pre-cooked ham, then you know that the suggested cook time to warm it back up is based on the number of pounds, and could take hours. You get a warm ham, but it’s also usually pretty dry in the middle.  I’ve found that you […]

Beet Salad with Barley, Arugula and Parmesan

Beet Salad with Barley, Arugula and Parmesan

Just about everyone I’ve ever talked to about beets will 1) proclaim they’ve never liked them and then 2) effuse about how that all changed once they had roasted beets.  Helping spread the word are the many restaurants that all tend to have some variation on a roasted beet salad […]

Pressure Cooker Barley with Shallots and Parsley

While I’m a huge fan of the big, hearty, chewy grains like barley, farro and wheat berries, I’m not as big of a fan of the long cooking times.  Here’s a very simple recipe for cooking barley that uses a pressure cooker, or an Instant Pot, to cut the cooking […]

Pressure Cooked Steel Cut Oats with Mixed Berries

Pressure Cooker Steel Cut Oats with Mixed Berries

Fans of steel cut oats know that while they make for a hearty breakfast, they aren’t the quickest thing to prepare in the morning.  You might as well make risotto for breakfast, since you’ll spend about the same amount of time with the prepping and the stirring and the waiting. […]